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Allotment Loans in Iowa

Allotment Loans mission is to expand access to credit and lower the cost of borrowing for the people of Iowa that traditional banks are typically unable to serve.







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3 easy step to apply with Allotment Loans

Step 1: Decide & Apply

The main question is how much do you need and how much you can afford to repay? In case of non-repayment of loan you may have high fees, therefore get in a debt trap. This is why we strongly advise taking just moderate amount of online loans. If your purpose are clear then filling out the form.

    * The basic things to prepare while writing down the loan application are:
  • Your ID.
  • Over the age of 18.
  • Proof of address.
  • Your bank account number (showing how much and often you receive income).

Step 2: Read & Sign

After submitting details, you receive a suitable payday loan offer from one of our legit direct lenders. The great thing about the offer is: Accept or refuse any offer at NO cost: nobody forces you to agree with anything you consider inappropriate. Prior to signing the agreement, you are not legally bound to any offers. Hence, before signing, we suggest reading the contract carefully to be aware of all the terms involved.

    * Check before signing the loan contract, the following aspects:
  • Interest rates.
  • The total amount owed.
  • Due date.
  • Possibilities of renewal.
  • Any additional fees.
  • Consequences of failing to repay the advance etc.

Step 3: Get The Money

As soon as you signed the fine print, sit back and relax. The previous step usually takes few hours after you send the form, but the last one is exciting because you receive money! As a rule, lenders send cash advance amount to bank account, which we consider the simplest, and safest option to retrieve money.

Online Service Fees

Allotment Loans service is FREE to apply online

Allotment Loans Fees does not charge the consumers any fees and there is no fee to apply online. If approved for a loan, your lender will present you with the exact fees and interest rate of your loan prior to your acceptance of the loan. is NOT A LENDER and cannot predict the exact fees and interest of the loan option presented to you. You are under no obligation to accept the terms presented to you by the direct lender.

Loan amounts vary from $100-$2500 depending on state legal maximums, approval amount is determined by the information provided on your application and any available payment history.

Payday Loans Rate

Rate and Fees are depend on your direct lender

Understand the laws in Iowa

Many states severely control the short term loans industry, and in a few states even Iowa, they are not legal at all. Being familiar with the laws will help you detect whether a loan operator is legit or simply trying to scam you. To be fully informed, check out the legal status of short term loans by state.

Iowa Payday Loans Rate

Payday loans rate and fees in Iowa are different to any states. Many states severely control the payday loans industry, and in a few states, they are not legal at all. Being familiar with the laws will help you detect whether a loan operator is legit or simply trying to scam you. To be fully informed, check out the legal status of payday loans by state.

Payday loans range in size from $100 to $1,000, depending on state legal maximums. The average loan term is about two weeks. Loans typically cost 400% annual interest (APR) or more. The finance charge ranges from $15 to $30 to borrow $100. For two-week loans, these finance charges result in interest rates from 390 to 780% APR. Shorter term loans have even higher APRs. Rates are higher in states that do not cap the maximum cost.

Loan Amount Fee Amount Total Payment APR%
$100 $20 $120 521.42%
$200 $35 $235 456.24%
$300 $50 $350 434.52%
$400 $65 $465 423.66%
$500 $80 $580 417.14%
$600 $95 $695 412.79%
$700 $110 $810 409.69%
$800 $125 $925 407.36%
$900 $140 $1,040 405.55%
$1,000 $155 $1,155 404.10%

Remind: This is Not True Rate & Fees in Iowa. It's example of loan 14 days, Total Payment and APR%. Payday loans Rate and Fees are different in your state and depend on Direct Lenders. If you need to know true Rate & Fees please contact your Lender.